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    Colemak for BOS/HRV/SRB

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    A variant of Colemak Mod-DH ISO for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Available in Cyrillic and Latin.

    (click images to enlarge)


    Heatmaps with an excerpt from Na Drini ćuprija


    Features a rearranged Colemak Mod-DH layout for more comfortable typing in these languages. Changes and features conform to Colemak’s philosophy:

    • Characters have been moved in accordance with Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian letter patterns.
      • Common digraphs and trigraphs are now easier to type: je, ra, da, sam, šta, ali.
      • The first 4 home row characters have been changed from ARST to RSTA. The letter A is more common than the other three and therefore merits index finger use.
    • Rare characters are placed further away. This includes letters from the English alphabet (Q, W, X).
    • Punctuation marks are mostly positioned the same as in Colemak Mod-DH. (This placement is arguably more ergonomic compared to European QWERTY positions.)
    • Third (AltGr) and fourth (Shift + AltGr) character layers are mostly preserved from the original QWERTY layout.

    The Bosnian (Latin), Croatian and Serbian (Latin) layouts are the same functionally. The same applies to Bosnian (Cyrillic) and Serbian (Cyrillic).


    See instructions on the GitHub page.

    Known problems
    • The digraph nj isn't very comfortable to type. ije, one of the most common trigraphs, could also be optimized; it currently requires the ring-index-middle fingers, in that order.
    [Cyrillic] Љ and Њ are positioned rather far away. A good solution would be to automatically turn the digraphs лј/нј into љ/њ respectively. This may be possible on Windows with AutoHotkey, but it is not yet possible on Linux with AutoKey.
    [Latin] The letter Y is not yet in the Latin layout, as a suitable position has not yet been found.

    Resources used when making
    Online Tools • Calculate letter frequencies
    Ortho Heat

    External links
    GitHub repository
    Topic on Srpski jezički atelje

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    Updated the topic with new information. A GitHub repository has been made, along with proper Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator files for Windows instead of AutoHotkey.

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    Nice work, from the looks of it! Just a little nitpick:

    When producing sequences of key presses, you produce n-grams. When printing characters together, you produce n-graphs.

    Therefore, you should use the terms "bigram" etc, not "digraph" etc.

    In this sentence it's okay to use the term "digraph":
    > A good solution would be to automatically turn the digraphs лј/нј into љ/њ respectively.

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    Thank you. I would correct it if the edit button was still there. Too late now. :)

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