In EPKL, I haven't managed to get different system keys such as Delete, Backspace, Enter, Shift, to work different layers in layout.ini-file in my folder Cmk-eD-FiSe_ISO_CurlAWideSym.
I would like a Backspace that becomes Delete when Shift is held down, but so far only managed to have to same system key in all layers (for typing simple inputs such as =       +       --      {       [  the layers work)

CoP_0 = 0       	0   	Bsp     Del     ^Bsp 	^Del     @0b5 ;
QWPEN = System  	0	ENTER	ENTER	--      does nothing does nothing ; ENTER   	VKey    	; SC11c: KP Enter

Btw is there a way to make the help images include the numpad keys? Finger coloring would not be needed for that.

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