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    the best keyboard layout ever

    • Started by SpeedMorph
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    What do you think of this layout? I have been using it for 2 months and am at 3 words per minute and have been diagnosed with every form of RSI. Not really, I just made it up.

    Points of interest:

    -most fingers are on 1 hand, so as to avoid all that nasty hang switching
    -since the index finger is the strongest, 40% of the work is done by the left index finger. Also many frequent digraphs are typed with the index finger, such as th, he, to, ha, and hi.

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    That thread is actually amazing. One of the two X's could be substituted with missing Q, though.

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    That can be any layout (in my case it was Colemak), but this one is totally illogical and uncomfortable. :D

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    Regarding this layout, I'm somewhat disappointed that none of the rows spell out any lewd or, at the very least, silly words. One would expect certain standards to be met.

    Behold, the perfectly pangrammatic QUARTZ layout!

     Q U A R T Z G L Y P
      H J O B V E X ' D ;
       C W M F I N K S , .
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    The best is obviously the BFUCK layout I made:

    Q(.)P VWXY'

    q(.)p are like breasts.  (o)mgz is texting / messaging shorthand for oh my godz. vwxy for children learning alphabet.

    And it's actually serviceable. every letter is well placed. good home row, corner keys have uncommon letters. etc.

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