Here are some of the things you can mention to give a better picture of your experience:
* What layout you've been using beforehand, and how long you've been typing with it
* How long you've been using Colemak for, and how many estimated hours per week you've typed with it.
* Mention the methods you used to learn the layout.
* What operating system you're using.
* If you mention typing speed, mention what way you used to measure it. Use one of the typing tests to measure it.
* Share any tips about learning the layout.
* If you have question/doubts about the design it's better to discuss it in the other forum.
* If you've reviewed Colemak in your blog feel free to add a link to the relevant blog entry.

* Please post updates to your experiences as a reply in the same thread of your previous experience.
* Please do not post in the experiences forum if you haven't actually tried Colemak out.