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    Backword key needed

    • Started by ethana2
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    The main barrier to my typing speed now is that when I make a mistake, I have to hit the backspace key multiple times (key repeat is turned off globally, it is evil.)

    I want to be able to hit the 'caps lock' key, and have it instantly erase the last word I typed.  This can normally be done by hitting ctrl+backspace.

    How do I make key 66 do ctrl+backspace?

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    Same question for Vista?

    With control-backspace a whole word is erased. Would be much more convenient to do this with backspace alone. Anyone with a clever hack for Vista for this one?

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    AutoHotKey could send the {^BS} if desirable. My way would be to use Caps+R+O - which doesn't seem to make sense unless you're into 'extend' layouts, but has the perk of being all on the homerow. Unfortunately that's not working for me in PKL at the moment; looking into a bugfix.

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