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    LearnColemak.com - a new web-based Colemak typing tutor

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    Hey everybody,

    I've been training Colemak for three days now.  A couple of weeks ago I finally learned Dvorak, but realized that my right hand was killing me because of stretching to reach the L with my right pinkie.  So, I ditched that and rediscovered Colemak and jumped on full steam.  However, I was disappointed to find that there was no web-based Colemak typing course like the ABCD Dvorak typing course that I took... so I wrote my own.  Please let me know what you think of www.learncolemak.com.


    Learn Colemak, no download necessary: www.learncolemak.com

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    Nice - thanks for your contribution!

    The lessons don't show mistakes; could they do that (for instance color coding)?

    If you wish to use any of my Colemak images, feel free to do so! (Just put in a 'image by DreymaR' or suchlike). If you need anything special, I could help make other images - a lot of things are possible with my files.


    (Sample image - using the Wide-ISO mod with Colemak... but a lot of other options are possible)

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