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    The new year.

    • Started by Golden_Hammer
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    Shai, are you doing something Colemak related for '07?

    Also, are you planning on releasing your work in '07?

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    • Shai
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    Here's what's currently on my to do list:
    * Support for more operating systems, specifically Windows Vista and Windows 64 bit (Vista, XP, 2003).
    * Better and easier installation for all operating systems.
    * Improved typing lessons.
    * Additional international variants that keep the same letter layout (e.g. UK version). I'm _not_ planning to work on new layouts optimized for other languages in the near future.
    * Release more information and code about the design and development of Colemak.
    * A new design for the website.

    I can't make any promises on dates.

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