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    Questions about backspace & other scripts

    • Started by Qwertie
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    Before I install the Caps Lock replacement script, I would like to ask: does it affects all keyboard layouts on the system or just one, e.g. the current one? When the "Clear remapping" script is run, will the Colemak layout have a Caps Lock instead of a backspace?

    What do these scripts do?
    "Delete layout switch hotkeys.reg"
    "QWERTY to Colemak remapping.reg"

    The download page links to a page that talks about "The AutoHotKey script included in the Windows download". There must be some mistake... I don't see a script called "AutoHotKey" :?

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    • Shai
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    "Delete layout switch hotkeys.reg" solves the Windows bug "Key sequence is already in use. Please select another one" while selecting a key sequence for switching between keyboard layouts (e.g. Alt+Shift+1) even though it's not in use.

    "QWERTY to Colemak remapping.reg" does a low level remapping of the keyboard. It's explained further or the Registry remapping page.

    The AutoHotKey script is Colemak.ahk .

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