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Colemak For Windows with Capslock to Backspace

  • Started by vaskozl
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DreymaR said:

.. it's a horrible idea to piggyback on another language just to get its icon

But you said it was ingenious at the time...

meatich said:

I guess I will go on digging my old HD to find the Corsican version, but, really, it would be nice if you could leave it here, so that people could have a choice :) Thanks!

People have mentioned their spell checked was forced to Corsican which I am not too sure about (for instance Swedish people have no trouble writing English with Nordic layouts). Sadly the icon is coupled to the "language" (as if everybody switches keyboard settings to match the language they are writing) rather than the layout we can't do much.

Also newer versions of windows now use 3 letters "COS" which no longer make sense for Colemak :/ So I removed it to avoid confusion.

If you *really* want that Co icon, like DreymaR suggested, you can use MSKLC (last release form 11 years ago...) to recreate it in a few minutes.

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vaskozl said:

But you said it was ingenious at the time...

I am a horrible, faithless person. Can you forgive me? *cries*

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