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The word "you"

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i came here searching for my experiences thread so i could append to it. it took me a while to find this. i should have given it a better title.

i've been using colemak for about 4 years now. what i want to comment on is that my typing speed plateaued at about 80 wpm, which is interesting, because that's where my qwerty typing speed was. i don't actively practise. i'm sure it could get higher, but what's interesting is that it settled around 80 wpm regardless of the improved layout of colemak. seems my typing speed before wasn't limited by qwerty but is just about how fast i like to move my fingers. that being said, i wouldn't switch back to qwerty. the few times i've had to type in qwerty, it annoyed me how much my fingers bounce around.

i'm typing on a happy hacking keyboard these days. it's the best keyboard i've owned and i don't see any that are better. it's worth noting because the control key is in place of where colemak places the backspace, and in my experience, the control key is much better in the caps lock space because it allows me to use many commands with my left hand while keeping my right hand on my mouse. also, the backspace key is closer on the happy hacking (it's just above the enter key)

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Yeah, I believe that the main speed difference is due to better flow and comfort, and better training. So unless you train for it, your Colemak speed will only be a little higher than your QWERTY speed. But I'm guessing that you typed QWERTY for more than 4 years? So it may still improve a little. My Colemak speed has kept improving ever since 2007. But not by great leaps and bounds, and most of the time hardly noticeably.

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