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    A little progress and a massive thanks

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    After years of touch typing gymnastics on qwerty and a 5 year stint of overworking my right pinky on dvorak, I have just recently started to learn Colemak. Aware of Mod-DH I wanted to give vanilla Colemak a shot, so I spent a few days picking it up before realising the benefits of Mod-DH were right for me. Now after a couple of weeks training on amphetype and 10fastfingers my stats for the latter are average speed 36wpm and top speed 51wpm. So far so good. I like the trademark rolls and also that my fingers/hands hardly have to move/stretch for any common letters due to their excellent placement.

    A massive thanks to Colemak creator Shai and the Colemak community for the hard work on all the mods. Specifically Stevep99 and Dreymar, I am enjoying the comfort of Mod-DH and the power of Extend.

    I will post regular updates of my progress. Onward and upward!

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    Welcome and congratulations on making all the right choices :P

    Using Colemak Mod-DH with some additional ergonomic keyboard mods.

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    To infinity and beyond! Very good sir!

    If you're on Windows with EPKL, I'm now working on expanding its power with multiple dead keys from the Extend key on taps. But it's not entirely stable yet as I experience some stuck modifiers and swaps if I hit keys too fast. Still, this has a lot of power potential!

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