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Shai's Colemak mod

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I'm just curious to see if I can develop a feel for how it goes. This kind of modding is so rampant at the Discord these days. As for your arguments:
• Swapping 2 more keys at this point, and even having them change hands, doesn't matter much. This topic is about doing just those things, for a possible minor benefit.
• Moving V is something I've been concerned about a lot since you made the DH mod in 2014, as you know. At first I tried to avoid splitting up ZXCV but eventually I gave that up. Now, this creates trouble for me using Extend since I decided to keep the Extend-Paste mapping on the V key which causes more work for me as I then have to implement Extend both with and without the D-V (B-V) swap. Now with the V-K swap, V goes all the way to the other hand and I'm trying to keep the Extend-Paste mapping next to Extend-Copy again. This is every bit as annoying for me as the letter swap itself right now! But maybe I'll end up using it. I just felt it'd be too strange with the Extend-Paste and V itself on neighboring keys, and now that's no issue anymore.
• I'm not enjoying it so far. The KN bigram used to flow so nicely with alt-fingering, it's worse now. Heh. Overall, it feels awkward. But I know those are beginner misgivings.

[Update: Ditched it. The swap fixes two problems I didn't have since I alt-finger (NK and LK), and causes trouble with CK and VE bigrams – possibly others too. These aren't SFBs nor weak-finger near-finger-bigrams, so the Colemakmods analyzer doesn't pick up on them. But they felt awkward just the same. This swap isn't as beneficial as it first appeared to the naïve observer (me).]

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triple_a said:

I started using this one and liking it.
Anyone else ?


I've been using this on my ortholinear preonic keyboard since ~mid-Jan and I am really digging it. Switched from vanilla Colemak. I really do think it is the best of both worlds: less center column usage, the goal of mod-dh (and workman etc), while still staying true to the Colemak philosophy of keeping row 4 shortcuts in the same place.

What are some of the downsides people have noticed with it compared to Colemak-DH? I know there are a ton of mods such as the angle mod for iso keyboards etc but for the sake of simplicity let's limit to grid/matrix/ortholinear/columnar keyboards only.

The reasoning that this mod (Mod-Shai?) assigns the rare 'V' to one of the best positions on the board (just like vanilla Colemak!) does not make sense to me. Maybe one can say that about a layout that has been designed from scratch such as carpalx, but Colemak had very specific design goals such as improving home row usage while retaining row 4 shortcuts and punctuation/special characters from QWERTY.

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