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    I need urgent help so i can use colemak asap

    • Started by Shiv
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    Hello everyone.[English is not my first language i appologize for errors beforehand and appericiate your patience]
    tldr; I am confused and need a "good" "advice" on which colemak to learn.HOW TO INSTALL AND USE COLEMAK AND MODS EFFECTIVELY
    i want to learn colemak but cant because of so many colemak options.
    i have an ansi keyboard if i am right this one from dell
    i can't buy any of the fancy otholinear / mecahnical stuff keyboard and will keep on using it.
    Now with this thing in mind, i want to learn
    1.touch typing with colemak
    2. i will start learning programming in a few months [and my goal is to remember all the keys along with normal speed]
    3. use a keyboart layout which will help me in programming i.e symbols at appropriate positions and any programming specific "mods"
    1.there are 3 mods curl angle and wide and 2 layouts i NEED GUIDANCE ON WHICH TO USE
    2.INSTALLATION of colemak on linux and windows
    So basically i liked the concept of wide mod and really like it then since i heard good reviews of colemak dh i think i want to start with dh. now i heard that dh is basically curl+angle inbuilt or some stuff i am confused where to start with, AND MAIN problem, IF i learn wide mod then how will i use it on other computers?since i need it for programming and there will chances i might have to operate diff computers and installing it wont be practical?
    Please guide me based on your experience should i start with mod dh and sacrefice other mods or should i learn vanila colemak for others and all mods for myself?
    NOW I WOULD LIKE TO THANK DREYMAR because his guide taught me many things and i'm confused.
    I'm cursed by your knowledge dreymar.
    Anyways thank you.
    P.S: Based on my communication skills if you can recommend me some free and quality resource which doesn't  require too much effort to improve my English it would be great,

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    Hello Shiv,

    I would start by downloading the portable version of the layout here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile … _id=264387

    Run the program and your keyboard layout will automatically change. No need to install.

    I would start with the basic Colemak (often referred to as vanilla) version.

    As for programming and symbol location, I think the standard Colemak layout will be sufficient. I develop software professionally and it works just fine.

    Hope this helps.

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    I would not recommend using the outdated PKL program, but hope you'll consider EPKL instead!

    ( のvの) c[_] ~(  See the EPKL repo on GitHub  )

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