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    Swedish layout - been using it for a few years now.

    • Started by Håkan
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    My current layout:


    I found that replacing , and . with å and ä facilitates a comfortable flow when typing Swedish and now after using it for a few years, not sure how many, at least 3 years,  I am quite happy with it and have no intention of changing anything.

    Currently using split ortholinear keyboards; primarily Ergodox and Corne, at home and at work.
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    I prefer the special-letters-in-the-middle approach of my Colemak[eD] variants, and I've used that for Norwegian for many years. Then again, on most days I write more English than Norwegian anyway.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    It's not a bad idea to put the relatively rare special letters in those slightly awkward positions where you put them though I think, except the position of your Ö which I think is a bit too good for its usage. If I were going for such a tack, it'd help further that I now have punctuation on the home row with a thumb leader key (the EPKL CoDeKey). At the moment I'm using æøå on CoDeKey then `/[]` the most, as sequencing is easy and those are quick rolls using the Wide mod.

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