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    Suggestions for forum entries

    • Started by DreymaR
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    This forum is such a nice place to keep the more 'permanently deserving' stuff easily viewable. No more search function for us oldies, and no more newbies unaware (for long, at least)!

    Maybe Shai should make a topic like this (a sticky?) and remove mine so it looks more official?

    I suggest moving the following entries (or making new ones) to the User Contributions forum:
    Vilem's Mac installer topic?
    The Cmk logo(s) topic? (We never made it to a final decision on that one though.)
    Ændrük's Colemak for Vimperator topic? (Formerly preliminary; looks mature now!)

    (more to follow?)

    Done! (thanks, Shai!):
    Ryan Heise's higames.net thread

    Checkit's thread on letter frequencies (which also contains interesting observations on languages)
    The Polish Colemak thread? (although I now recommend a somewhat different way, as per my recent discussion)

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    The Colemak on NetBSD topic?

    I'm working on getting Colemak integrated with another few open source OS'es in the near future...

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